PingPlotter Beta Testing

Want to shape the future of PingPlotter? Interested in trying out awesome new tools before they go live? Beta builds give you a chance to experience the shiniest, newest features while helping us create the best PingPlotter possible.

How it Works

PingPlotter beta features are exclusive to active subscribers and perpetual license-holders with active maintenance. To participate, follow these steps:

  • Contact our Beta Team to request an invitation to the latest beta
  • Log into your account page and download the beta version of PingPlotter
  • Once the beta build is installed, launch PingPlotter. Enter your account credentials when prompted

That's it! You're now set to test your new traceroute superpowers!

Sharing Feedback

Hearing how the beta works for you helps us build a better PingPlotter. Please check for known issues in the Release Notes, and share whatever feedback comes to mind during your testing.

Email the Beta Team

New Web Interface

Version 5.14.4

Control PingPlotter from your favorite (or possibly second-favorite) browser. You can access PingPlotter locally or remotely, allowing you to conduct traces, change settings, and view results from practically anywhere.

The new web interface can be accessed the same way as the current interface. View the PingPlotter Manual to learn more about how to set up the web interface.

HTTPS support is currently on the project roadmap. Be sure to check our latest beta release notes below for updates.

Latest Beta Release Notes

New Features

  • CloudConnect Management - Manage CloudConnect Agents from within the web interface. This includes downloading Agent builds, copying activation links, editing Agent names, and creating or deleting Agents.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added preliminary HTTPS support
  • Added tooltips to several UI elements
  • Added a dropdown menu to the Status cell when hovering over
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved general performance
  • Incorporated various bug fixes and UX improvements

Known Issues

  • Selecting multiple traces does not currently function
  • Timeline Graph sorting does not currently function
  • Latency warning colors on the Trace Graph only function on default settings
  • Switching workspaces will sometimes cause an error (Windows)
  • Importing a .pp_sample file doesn't always import successfully (Windows)
  • Alert setup doesn't always function correctly (macOS)

Web Interface Beta

Version 5.14.4

Released 2019-11-22

Beta End Date: 2020-03-26

Activating maintenance

PingPlotter beta features require active maintenance. If you’re unsure of your status or would like to activate maintenance for your account, visit your account page. We'll keep the beta warm until you get back.