CloudConnect Manual

What is CloudConnect?

CloudConnect is an add-on feature for PingPlotter Professional that turns PingPlotter into your networking command center. CloudConnect allows you to seamlessly deploy PingPlotter instances anywhere in the world, relaying remote trace data to a central PingPlotter instance right at your fingertips.

CloudConnect is made up of several different parts: the CloudConnect portal, a Controller, the cloud, and one or more Agents.

  • The CloudConnect portal is where you administer your CloudConnect account. The portal gives a live overview of all of your Controllers and Agents as well as where they are tracing to.
  • The cloud is an intermediary where the data is gathered from the Agent and forwarded to the Controller.
  • Controllers are the central instances of PingPlotter that control deployed Agents. This is where all the data will be stored and presented.
  • Agents are remote PingPlotter instances that collect data and report information back to the Controller. Agents run within the networks you wish to monitor or troubleshoot.
  • A trace (or traceroute) using CloudConnect is just the same as a trace normally initiated by PingPlotter.
  • A target is an IP address or DNS hostname corresponding to a destination device.

How Does CloudConnect Work?

PingPlotter CloudConnect makes use of a central instance of PingPlotter, the Controller, to give out commands, receive data, and display data centrally. Once created, a Controller can create Agents, the remote instances of PingPlotter that do all the groundwork of collecting data.

Instructions and test data are exchanged by Agents and the Controller using a cloud relay. If the connection with an Agent is lost, the cloud ensures that data collection and syncing still happens seamlessly. When the connection is reestablished, the Agent synchronizes with the cloud, and that data is sent to the Controller. The cloud acts solely as an intermediary to transmit and sync the Agent data back to the Controller, it does not store that data for any length of time. The Controller gathers all the data from its Agents and presents it in an easy-to-use graphical format for you to analyze.