macOS Release Notes

PingPlotter 5.5.16 - October 11, 2018

  • Added dark mode integration with MacOS Mojave.
  • Added better handling when attempting to trace to an invalid host.
  • Fixed problem in the MOS column algorithm that sometimes caused invalid results.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PingPlotter to highlight timeline graphs excessively when live sorting is on. 

PingPlotter 5.5.12 - May 14, 2018

  • Latency over time alert conditions should now fire as expected when examining a period of time with a threshold of 100% of the time. 

PingPlotter 5.5.11 - April 25, 2018

  • Alert conditions should show selected condition rather than first condition in dropdown menu

PingPlotter 5.5.10 - April 10, 2018

  • Timeline graph displays should now correctly update based on the selected target configurations
  • Certain scenarios that require active maintenance should now work correctly for subscription license types
  • File path should now display full path correctly when using Launch an Executable alert action
  • Selecting multiple or all targets on summaries should no longer alter target configurations
  • Alerts Panel should no longer show invalid / non - existent alert bindings for targets
  • Alerts should no longer be added to a target when editing an alert via Alert Library
  • Resolved an error that would sometimes occur during startup when registering MOS column
  • Testing Log to File alert action should no longer show an error
  • When recovering from an application crash, now displays All Targets summary rather than individual target windows 

PingPlotter 5.5.9 - February 23, 2017

  • Resolved an issue where SMTP setup window would be hidden in the background
  • Resolved an issue where using Tab key in SMTP setup would hide the window
  • Resolved a scenario where certain Alerts panel screens would cause application crashes
  • Resolved a scenario where the background service would not update when located in Applications directory

PingPlotter 5.5.8 - February 3, 2017

  • New Feature: Network interface card (NIC) selection allows users to correlate PingPlotter setting configurations with local network interface cards; see the difference between your wired and wireless connection!
  • Resolved a scenario that allowed frozen interface issues to open an exponential amount of PingPlotter instances
  • Resolved an issue where long running instances would sometimes get a frozen interface while running in the background
  • Resolved an issue that would sometimes result in an error message "invalid hop number"
  • Resolved a scenario that would sometimes result in new packet configurations not displaying a default packet engine
  • Improvements to prevent a frozen interface on startup when clearing temporary sessions
  • Improvements to alert panel to prevent a scenario where the alert panel would hide behind the main PingPlotter window

PingPlotter 5.5.5 - October 19, 2017

  • Added a feature that transfers existing license and target history from client data when running PingPlotter as a service for the first time
  • Added the ability to reverse select timeline graphs within target windows 
  • Fixed scenario where hovering over an area with no stats on a timeline graph would result in being shown "fake" stats 
  • Fixed errors related to adding targets to a new summary that would sometimes result in a frozen interface
  • Fixed an error that would sometimes result in "Host not found" errors 
  • Fixed scenario that would result in empty UDP port ranges when creating a new UDP packet engine 
  • Fixed scenario that would result in alert icon missing from trace grid on summary and target screens
  • Removed "Auto show timeline graphs on summary" to prevent unintended resource consumption

PingPlotter 5.5.4 - September 28, 2017

  • Start / pause button should now be visible in macOS High Sierra
  • Importing a .PP2 downloaded from the web should no longer result in an error 

PingPlotter 5.5.3 - September 25, 2017

Lots of small improvements and fixes, especially as target counts grow.

  • Performance improvements to the session browser - sample counts load in the background so the session list shows immediately
  • Opening more than a handful (5!) sessions from the session browser puts them in the All Targets summary, highlighted, instead of opening tabs for them. Right-click and "Show Target Window" on the summary graph if you actually want to open them all.
  • Performance improvements when resuming tracing after a long hiatus (months) - totals will "aggregate" in the background with a bit less importance and foreground collection and data saves are prioritized higher.
  • Less CPU use with lots of targets. 250 targets with 2.5 second trace intervals should be a lot more CPU friendly now.
  • The remote agent now uses the latest sample instead of sometimes using an older cached one.
  • Improvements to long-term memory use that was causing an array index error (and other memory / sluggishness problems)
  • Importing a .PP2 sample set would sometimes give a licensing error instead of opening.
  • Fixed a problem with the web interface would sometimes give a -4077 econnreset error when a web browser closed its session
  • Fixed a couple of frozen issues (at startup and several others)
  • Fixed an issue where Standard users would sometimes only be able to open a single target.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a target graph didn't do anything
  • Fixed an issue where Local Network Discovery wouldn't let you export to CSV.
  • On MacOS, fixed an issue where new targets always showed 2.5 second default trace intervals - now it uses the last setting, or what's in the summary you launch a target from.
  • A good handful of unexpected errors (object references, contract missing and similar) were corrected.

PingPlotter 5.5.2 - September 13, 2017

  • Added "Route Changed" and "IP Address in Route" alert conditions
  • Added "MOS" (Mean Opinion Score) column to summary and target windows
  • Added timeline graph scrolling container that allows users to keep open as many timeline graphs as they desire
  • Added General setting to "Automatically show timeline graphs for targets added to summary screen"
  • Added General setting "Timeline graph minimum height" which prevents timeline graphs from going below a certain size
  • Added "Reverse selecting" of timeline graphs allowing users to easily correlate a graph with a target in the upper trace window
  • Added "Timeline hover tooltip" which provides detailed latency information when hovering over a timeline graph
  • Added "Target Count" to bottom of summary trace graph below final target
  • Added the ability to export "Local Network Discovery" targets to a CSV file
  • Added "Launch an Executable" alert type
  • Command ⌘ + W keyboard shortcut to close active PingPlotter window
  • Added the abilities to Export and Clear Workspace
  • Added the ability to Export Target List
  • Fixed several issues that resulted in "Object reference error"
  • Fixed issue where PingPlotter would move to Applications and leave existing copy "lingering"
  • Fixed issue where PingPlotter window would not open in the correct location
  • Fixed issue where web interface graph time and focus period would always revert to the default
  • Moved Summary sub-menu out of Workspaces and into its own menu category
  • Timeline graph highlight color now matches macOS highlight color

PingPlotter 5.4.3 - March 10, 2017

  • Workspace consistency
  • Removed error popup when resetting and restarting a target while the Alerts is panel open
  • Resolved an issue where time graphs would sometimes stop updating
  • Resolved an issue where trace intervals longer than 60 minutes would stop other traces and prevent alerts from firing
  • Resolved an issue where renaming a summary via Web Interface would result in an error
  • Resolved an issue where time graphs were sometimes not opening in their correct state
  • Improvements to messaging and UX of Free mode users
  • Improvements to route accuracy
  • Improvements to macOS Background Service to prevent service related errors
  • Background mode now correctly disposes of targets that are not set to save data
  • Minor UI improvements

PingPlotter 5.4.2 - February 2, 2017

  • Ability to reset and restart targets from a summary.
  • Right-click target or timeline from summary > Show Target Window.
  • Jitter target line (Edit > Options > Display > Jitter "target" line).
  • Date & time stamp on summary showing detailed focus period times.
  • Sort time graphs now available via right-click of a target in summary screen.
  • Exporting has been adjusted to bring stability and less errors.
  • Alert panel button looks better.
  • Fixed a bug related to default settings in trial mode
  • Improvements within the remoting sytem now prevents deadlocks and frozen interfaces.
  • Minor changes in route building logic
  • Entitled builds (from license system) now pass code signing checks in macOS Sierra.

PingPlotter 5.3.2 - November 28, 2016

  • Minor changes around packet dispatching while Local Network Discovery is running.

PingPlotter 5.3.1 - November 18, 2016

  • Two new features are available in this release.
    • Local Network Discovery - You can now scan your local network using a wide variety of protocols to identify devices that can be affecting your network performance. You will love how easy it is to view your network and select devices to monitor with PingPlotter. Local network discover is available in Standard and Professional editions.
    • Dynamic DNS Support - Do you use PingPlotter to monitor a server that doesn't stay on a fixed IP address? Now PingPlotter will follow DNS changes that point to the system and keep monitoring it regardless of IP address changes. Instructions on how to use dynamic DNS are available in the manual.
  • New features aren't the only thing to get excited about. This is the first simultaneous release of macOS and Windows. Hooray for cross-platform technology!
  • Fixed a bug that caused some new traces to start at the wrong default trace interval.
  • Improved startup performance for users with larger data sets.
  • Hunted down and tackled a bug that produced "route 0 no found" errors.
  • Got crazy route changes? This version brings several improvements to route tracking that helped both the new features and overall performance.

5.1.1 - Oct 18, 2016

First non-beta release of PingPlotter for Mac - mostly feature parity with the Windows release. Changes since the 5.0.2 beta build:

  • The Professional edition for macOS now includes a web interface for viewing PingPlotter activity remotely.
  • Professional users can also view Jitter graphs conveniently located above timeline graphs.
  • Want more packet types? You got it! Support for UDP and Remote Agent packets are at you fingertips. TCP packets did not make it due to some challenges with OSX libpcap generator (sorry, we're still working on this).
  • More robust handling of network interface changes (up/down/left/right/etc).
  • Changing license modes now restarts application and service together.
  • We made PingPlotter better at detecting and handling upgrades when running as a service.
  • Since everybody loves spinning circles... We added a "progress spinner" when uploading image to
  • Improved trace interval performance when running as a service.
  • Improvements to CPU usage, especially on macOS Sierra. Welcome to the family Sierra!
  • Then we just threw in a bunch of other fixes and improvements to core data collection and display. We call it "polish."

5.0.2 Beta - Sept 30, 2016

  • Made a small but important change so users upgrading from previous versions won't run into a wall when one of their settings doesn't transfer correctly.
  • Fixed a problem that blocked PingPlotter from starting for certain users upgrading from version 1.4 when their configuration information was not in the expected format.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented PingPlotter from launching on systems running OS X 10.10.

5.0.0 Beta - Sept 15, 2016

When we released the Mac Preview late last year (2015), we loved it, but knew it had a long way to go to make it comparable to our Windows version. We've made huge strides towards that with the just-released PingPlotter Beta for macOS. It's had a lot of internal testing, and we think it's great. We are eager for your feedback, especially if you run in to bugs or unexpected errors.

PingPlotter Beta for macOS shares an "engine" with PingPlotter for Windows. The alerts system, settings system, summary graphs, statistics calculations, auto-save, share and more have all been injected into the Mac version. The user interface, however, is all Mac. It takes advantage of macOS's native controls, buttery smoothness, and rendering goodness. Running as a service on Mac is also entirely macOS native (and when you invoke the Install Service option from the App menu, it uses native Mac launchctl systems for this). Everyone in our company has a Mac as their main computer. We're certainly enjoying the beta, but we really hope it makes network troubleshooting suck less for you.

If you've been using Version 1.4 "Preview" released early this year, the only bad news is that your collected/stored data won't automatically migrate to the new version. Export your data before you migrate!

We're thankful for you - and that you're using our tool(s) to help with your network troubleshooting.