Internet Options

The "Internet" settings control the connectivity for whois, update checks, etc.

Standard Whois Lookups

Right-clicking a hop on the upper "route" graph on any hop that has a DNS name defined gives us the option of looking up that name and seeing who the owner is.

The "Standard Lookups" address is the WHOIS server to query for named lookups. The default value is This whois server is a central area which doesn't actually give whois information directly, instead it tells us which domain registrar handles the selected domain. PingPlotter then uses this information to go to the registrar and do a whois lookup again. Note that is another whois server that works - and will tell which registrar is responsible for a domain in most cases.

IP Block Lookups

Internet IP Addresses are assigned ownership, and sometimes its interesting to find out who owns them. The "IP Block Lookups" address is the WHOIS server to query for IP block lookups. This will look up who owns a particular IP address. The default for this is

Version Checking

PingPlotter can check with the PingPlotter servers occasionally to see if there’s a new version available. This can be done automatically, or it can be done manually by hitting the "Check Now" button.

Proxy Setup

If you access the internet through a proxy server, you can set up this server here. In the current version of PingPlotter, this is not required, although automatic version checking doesn't work if PingPlotter can't access the internet via HTTP.

The Proxy Setup is currently used for only one thing – doing the version check. PingPlotter doesn’t use these settings to do the trace in any way.


**Some of the features listed in this topic are only available in PingPlotter Pro and/or PingPlotter Standard. See our product comparison page for more details**