PingPlotter for Business

Customers prevented from website purchases. Employees blocked from online tools. Computer networks exist at the root of both problems, and spending too much on solutions is too easy. That's where PingPlotter saves time and money. The software decreases time spent diagnosing the cause of problems and prevents future issues from draining budgets.

Solve network problems faster

Network connection issues are commonly diagnosed with command line tools called Ping and Traceroute. They provide useful data, but making sense of the text-based output takes time.

Network troubleshooting with the command line drains time and money.

PingPlotter takes the same data provided by Ping and Traceroute and graphs it. The tool shows the information over time and at every point between the computer it's running on and your system.

Network troubleshooting with the command line drains time and money.

Traceroute gets the job done, but analyzing text is tons of work.

PingPlotter trace graphs compare performacne at all points in a network route

Insure against future issues

Collecting better network performance information makes identifying systematic problems easier. When threats are identified proactively, they can be fixed before they wreak havoc on your business.

Trace graphs compare performacne at all points in a network route

PingPlotter's trace graphs help find the source of problems

Time graphs show network performance over minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

Timeline graphs show trends over minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

Case Study: Digitell

Find out why Digitell's live streaming operation traded their text based network diagnostic tool for PingPlotter and learn how visual network monitoring improved their live broadcasts.

Use Cases

Everyone from online gamers to system adminstrators uses PingPlotter. Common use cases for the tool include users sharing network information with customer support, customer support troubleshooting problems with information shared by users, and IT professionals using PingPlotter information to maintain critical infrastructure.

Customer support teams

Our partnership program helps customer support teams help customers. Partnerships consist of a free service customers can use to share network information and tools your team can use to analyze the shared information.

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IT professionals

PingPlotter Professional is the edition of choice for sysadmins, developers, engineers, and analysts. They prefer professional edition because it monitors more targets at once and includes several industrial strength features.

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Cross Platform

PingPlotter is available on a growing number of platforms, and more are on the way. Any license or subscription automatically accesses PingPlotter on all platforms.

Flexible Licensing

PingPlotter comes in Free, Standard, and Professional editions. Monthly subscriptions and perpetual licenses are available for each edition, and volume discounts apply to multi-license purchases. All perpetual licenses include one year of maintenance. The service includes perks like upgrades, priority support, and access across all platforms.

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