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PingPlotter CloudConnect

CloudConnect transforms PingPlotter into your network troubleshooting command center by extending your favorite traceroute tool to remote machines.

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How is this a preview?

We're putting the finishing touches on our auto-agent tools for large-scale deployment. If you're looking to manage agents and traces on a massive scale, you may want to check back in a few weeks as those new features go live.

Remote data collection

CloudConnect is an add-on that expands PingPlotter’s power beyond the computer on your desk. Capture network diagnostics from remote machines and manage traces from a central hub where you can troubleshoot as if every test was happening live on your local machine.

Let the data come to you

CloudConnect extends PingPlotter's regular tools — seamlessly switch between traces on your local computer and remote machines to get a live view of your network(s) without even leaving the office. It’s the same PingPlotter you know and love, just with a few new tricks up its sleeve.

Deploy from your desk

Quickly deploy new agents from a new account dashboard. CloudConnect can generate custom activation links and special builds of PingPlotter you can send to your clients — just send them a link and PingPlotter walks them through the setup.

Manage it all at once

Make all the adjustments you need right from your web browser. Manage active agents, resend deployment links, and more. CloudConnect updates everything through the cloud — no more field trips to satellite offices just to tweak settings.

How CloudConnect Works

All it takes is deploying an agent to a client machine. Agents test the network and relay the information to your device for analysis. You can deploy multiple agents, and there's no limit on how long they run. Agent settings can also be adjusted on the fly — just like a normal PingPlotter trace.


Agents deploy to client machines. They're basically a copy of PingPlotter you can control from your computer.


A web service manages delivery between agents and PingPlotter. It ensures all information reaches its destination.


PingPlotter is the same product you've always known. Only now it connects to the web service and receives data from agents.

Get the whole picture

Monitor connected machines, active agents, and more right from the account dashboard. Capture unlimited trace data and see it all in one place — no more waiting for clients to send share pages.

Never miss a moment

If you ever lose connection with an agent, that agent’s data will be ready the moment you reconnect. PingPlotter will sync up with CloudConnect and create a seamless timeline — you’d never know there was a hiccup.

Flexible pricing for every need

Deploy as many agents as you need on any CloudConnect plan — plans are only limited by the number of targets you trace to at once. Modify your subscription as you need — no contracts, no hassle.

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PingPlotter Professional gives you the tools you need stay ahead of network issues.

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Our Getting Started Guide and FAQ will tell you what you need to know to get the most out of CloudConnect.

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