PingPlotter for Home

Sometimes rebooting the router isn't enough

If you're wondering what to try next, your network needs supervision. Not like a nanny or anything. More like a superpower. A superpower for seeing how data flows (or doesn't flow) through the network. Exactly what you get with PingPlotter.

What Kind of Problems?

PingPlotter makes it easy to find the the culprit behind your network problem.

Find the source of buffering problems

Buffering stream

troubleshoot lagging online games

Lagging game

Solve video chat problems

Interrupted chat

Figure out why the internet is down

Internet is down

Why Not Speed Test?

SpeedTest doesn't get you the information you need to solve a network problem.

Speed Test

Shows you have a problem.

Speedtest shows a problem happened


Shows why you have a problem.

PingPlotter shows why a problem happened

How Does PingPlotter Work?

1. Get started

After you download and install it takes to start is running the program, entering a target website, and clicking a button. Check out the Getting Started Guide for more details.

2. Test the network

As soon a you click that button, PingPlotter starts collecting information about how your network is performing. Let the program run until the network problem happens.

3. Diagnose the problem

Once you've captured a problem, the resulting graph gives you ideas about the problem you're experiencing. Visit Common Network Problems to match your results against a list of usual suspects.

4. Build a case

Sometimes forces beyond your control cause network problems. If you think your problem involves an internet service provider or a specific website, our Troubleshooting Guide will walk you though a process for persuading them to help.

Which Edition do I Need?

PingPlotter Free Version Logo

Getting Help

Collect data and send it to people who can help you troubleshoot the problem.

Learn more

PingPlotter Standard Version Logo

Inspecting Problems

Includes everything you need to get to the bottom of a specific network problem.

Learn more

PingPlotter Standard Version Logo

Monitoring Everything

Keep track of the devices in your connected home and get alerted when problems occur.

Learn more