License Trade Up

Cashing in your credit gets you PingPlotter Pro for less than full price. Access to any new version and a year of maintenance is also included. If you're on active maintenance your credit is worth 100% of list PingPlotter Standard price. If your maintenance isn't active, we reduce the credit by whatever it takes to get on active maintenance.

Why Professional?

If you're focused on solving a specific network problem, PingPlotter Standard has everything you need. It's designed to constantly test one or two targets, keep the data for future analysis, and alert you if something misbehaves. When your focus broadens beyond the troubleshooting of a single problem, PingPlotter Professional is the best choice. With Pro, you can constantly monitor every interesting point on your network, share live data over the web and more!

More targets

Go from testing a max of two targets at once to testing hundreds at a time.

New metrics

Measure jitter in addition to latency and packet loss, or create your own custom metrics.

Remote agent

Test from another machine to see the route from both ends of the trace or test around firewalls.

Named configurations

Save a toolbox of different packet settings for a more versatile troubleshooting arsenal.

Summary screens

See a performance overview for all targets at once and organize traces into multiple screens.

Web interface

Broadcast PingPlotter information in real-time and change settings with a built-in web server.