Get actionable data for effective assistance.

Get actionable
data for effective assistance.

Collect and visualize important ping and traceroute data to help find and fix the source of your network issue — whether it’s on your end, your ISPs, or somewhere in between.

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When you’re having trouble streaming, gaming, or just using the internet, it’s hard to know what to fix. PingPlotter shows you exactly where the issue lives. You can prove your problem to the right people or take matters into your own hands.

A screenshot of PingPlotter Standard.

Trace graph

PingPlotter tells you the status of every hop between you and the services you use. Everything you need to prove your case is all in one spot.

Latency graph

PingPlotter makes it easy to see where the problem lies. Latency and packet loss are graphed in a way that clearly shows where things go wrong.

Timeline graph

It takes more than a snapshot to fix a problem. PingPlotter shows performance over time, so you know the best time to stream or how the microwave is messing with your WiFi.

Don’t just find the problem — fix it.

PingPlotter’s about more than just collecting data. We have a ton of troubleshooting tips and tutorials to make sure you find the right culprit and resolve your issue for good.

Check out our helpful resources for both networking novices and IT experts.

"There is a tool called Pingplotter I used to help convince Cox. I just set it to constantly test at all hours of the day. It can monitor your packet loss and graph it out."

— TheLastMage, Mixer Partner

The tools you need to get the job done right.

If it pings, you can fix it

Test connections to game hosts, voice servers, or websites — whatever you’re connected to.

Always be tracing

PingPlotter’s both CPU and bandwidth-friendly, so you can always have one eye on your network.

Compare servers directly

Test two connections at once and know for sure which server will give you the best results.

Test smart devices

PingPlotter can help you troubleshoot any device on your network, from laptops to lightbulbs.

Create custom alerts

Set conditions and trigger automatic actions when your ping takes a turn for the worse.

Share and collaborate

Generate web-hosted reports for sharing with customer support, in Discord, or on help forums.

"I found out via PingPlotter that my packet loss came mainly from my PC. After a lot of trial and error it finally worked. I hope they are completely gone in Fortnite now. Thank you very much @PingPlotter, without your tool I would still think it was my provider's fault."

— luckeRRR, Fortnite Pro & Twitch Streamer

What makes PingPlotter different?

There’s more to PingPlotter than just testing latency and packet loss. See how PingPlotter brings out the best of both.

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Kickstart your troubleshooting

PingPlotter's newest edition automatically tests critical components and guides you through fixing the problem — no networking skills required.

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