PingPlotter Standard

Investigate Network Problems

PingPlotter Standard perpetually collects information about your network. That way you can capture evidence of problems even if you aren't there when they happen. It includes everything in PingPlotter Free plus tools for in-depth research and analyzing data from other users.

New features and improvements to existing functionality release on a regular basis. If you're interested in staying on the cutting edge, the best way to make that happen is active maintenance. That's a service that gets you upgrades, access to new platforms, and more. New licence purchases include maintenance for a year, and subscription maintenance never expires.

Recently Added

Import/Export improvements

Manage large .pp2 files and workspaces better with the help of some under the hood enhancements.


Focus time information

See exact details about focus time range under the trace graph.


64-bit system architecture

Harness the full power of your computer with 64-bit PingPlotter.


Get the latest version

In-program updates and the download page are the best place to get a hold of PingPlotter's latest version. Visit your account to check maintenance status and reactivate licenses requiring attention.

Everything in PingPlotter Standard

Follow changing IP addresses

Dynamic DNS improves long-term monitoring consistency by preventing PingPlotter from losing targets when IP addresses change.


Find devices on your network

Network discovery scans your local network and makes a list of the devices it finds. From there, you can add devices as targets to support your troubleshooting effort.


Capture evidence of network problems

Long-term monitoring perpetually collects information. If you're gone when something happens, you can always scroll back to inspect the event.


Find out when networks misbehave

Alerts notify you via email, sounds, tray icons, and more when network performance meets your criteria.


Automatically run in the background

Running as a service launches PingPlotter when your machine starts up. From there, the program starts tracing and continues even if you log out.


Specify the protocol you need

Ping any website with support for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.


Edition Details

PingPlotter Free Version Logo

Geting Help

Collect data and send it to people who can help you troubleshoot the problem.

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PingPlotter Standard Version Logo

Inspecting problems

Find the source of network problems by graphing performance at every point between you and a target.

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PingPlotter Standard Version Logo

Monitoring everything

Monitor hundreds of targets. See performance at every hop, and enjoy industrial strength features.

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Use Cases

For Home

Supervise every device in your connected home, get notified of disconnects, and diagnose problems quickly.

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For Business

Keep tabs on the entire network, solve problems faster, and communicate better with less technical team members.

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