PingPlotter Standard

Investigate Network Problems

Collect and visualize important ping and traceroute data to help find and fix the source of your network issue — whether it’s on your end, your service provider’s, or somewhere in between.

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Find the source of network problems

PingPlotter tests your network for high latency and packet loss, then visualizes the results so you can see exactly when and where problems are impacting your stream, game, or service.

Track down network trouble

Tools like ping and tracert only tell one part of a story. That’s why PingPlotter combines important diagnostic data with easy-to-understand timeline and route graphs to show you not just what is happening, but why it’s happening, and how you can begin fixing it.

Build a stronger case

When you need to prove an issue is outside your control— be it to an ISP, your boss, or a new client — PingPlotter helps you collect the evidence with easy-to-understand graphs. PingPlotter exports all types of logs, screenshots, and files you can send directly to the right people.

If you ever need help understanding PingPlotter results, you can create a unique webpage with your test data already posted and ready for review.

New to PingPlotter?

Whether you're a networking newb or an IT ninja, we're always happy to help.

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Don't miss a ping

PingPlotter does more than just test networks. PingPlotter’s unlimited data collection and low resource usage let you monitor your connection from startup to shutdown. PingPlotter’s scalable, scrollable timeline graphs help you watch for issues even when you’re away and investigate them when you return. Combine this with PingPlotter’s suite of automated alerts and a sudden lag spike will never catch you by surprise.

Identify connected devices

PingPlotter can give you the lay of the land by scanning your local network and making a list of all connected devices it finds. Add those found devices as targets to support your troubleshooting effort. Network discovery finds every connected device from PCs to light bulbs.

Powerful features for tracking down trouble

Collect unlimited data.
Plot latency and packet loss for every hop between you and your target in real-time.

Supports ICMP, UDP, and TCP* packet types and IPv4 and IPv6 protocols(*Windows only).

Never miss a moment.
Set custom automated actions for latency/packet loss, route changes, and more.

Overshare? Hardly.
Export graphs, logs, screenshots, and complete trace data locally or to the cloud.

Follow changing IPs.
Automatically follow changes to dynamic IPs without missing a beat.

Always be tracing.
Smart resource management and auto-saving lets you test from startup to shutdown.

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When you need a quick glimpse at your internet connection to see if everything’s running okay, PingPlotter Free has you covered.

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Monitor Everything

When you need to manage more than one network, PingPlotter Professional gives you the tools to keep things running smooth.

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