See networks from the user's perspective.

CloudConnect remote monitoring lets you and your team collect and visualize real-time network diagnostics from any device's point of view, saving you time and effort.

See everything at once.

Truck rolls and remote sessions are expensive and time-consuming. CloudConnect efficiently collects network diagnostics from any internet-connected computer and sends it to a central location, helping you evaluate remote connections from the comfort of your own desk.

An illustration of a map showing connecting offices across the continental United States.
A screenshot of CloudConnect agent switching in PingPlotter.

See issues from their point of view.

CloudConnect gives you the tools to understand a network as your users experience it by tracing the actual route your client’s data takes, be it for SaaS apps, remote desktops, VPNs, or VoIP. Since CloudConnect integrates seamlessly into PingPlotter Professional, you can monitor multiple devices on both local and remote networks from a single interface.

An animation of the three-click CloudConnect agent deployment process.

Deploy to anywhere in minutes.

CloudConnect is completely software-based. You can quickly deploy to any number of offsite servers, office workstations, or remote employee laptops.

Instead of relying on hardware, CloudConnect generates custom activation links for you and your clients. With one click, they can download a special build of PingPlotter pre-configured for remote communication. And that’s it! You’ll be able to test their connection immediately while they get back to business.

How does it work?

All it takes is deploying an agent to a client machine. Agents test the network and relay the information to your team for analysis. You can deploy multiple agents and there’s no limit on how long they run. Agent settings can also be adjusted on the fly — just like a normal PingPlotter trace.

A diagram of how the CloudConnect technology works.


Agents deploy to client machines, enabling you to remotely operate PingPlotter as you would from your computer.


Our custom-built web service delivers data between your Agents and PingPlotter in real time, ensuring the information you need is reliably available.


Everything is controlled through your local PingPlotter instance. You can test and monitor remote endpoints through both the desktop client and web interface.

See the difference perspective makes.

CloudConnect scales to meet your needs, so get in touch with us to start a free evaluation and learn more about additional solutions PingPlotter can bring to your business.