Legacy Manual

Variable Substitution


A number of the alert parameters allow you to insert a variable which will be substituted for a value when the alert happens.  Here is a list.


$destThe target destination's name (or IP Address if the IP didn't resolve to a name).  This is different than $host because an alert might be attached to an intermediate hop, whose information is accessed via the $host variable(s).  The final destination, though, is accessed via the $dest variable(s).
$destipThe destination IP address
$destnameThe resolved DNS name for the destination
$configThe name of the configuration used when tracing the target in question.  This is useful when you're using multiple configurations and want to be able to distinguish between them and the target name / IP isn't enough.  The $settings name is also equivalent to $config - either can be used interchangeably.
$hostHost name (or IP address, if no name exists).  If used in an alert on a non-target hop, the alerting hop's information will be used.
$hostipThe host IP address
$hostdnsnameThe resolved DNS name for the host
$yearCurrent Year
$monthCurrent Month
$dayCurrent day of month
$hourCurrent hour
$minuteCurrent minute
$secondCurrent second
$dateSame as $year-$month-$day.
$timeThe same as $hour$minute - note the absence of any punctuation - that's to make sure the file name is valid, if this mask is being used in a file name.