Version 5 Manual

Auto-Save Options


Auto-save data

There are a few different options for auto-saving data:

  • "Always" - this will keep every target's data stored in PingPlotter's database
  • "After:" - this setting will only keep sessions that have met or exceeded the timeframe that is entered 
  • "Only when selected" - this will result in the program not saving any data for a target unless you explicitly instruct it to do so

If the "Only when selected" option is chosen, the option to select a target to save data for can be accessed by opening a trace window, and right clicking on the target tab. Here we have options to "Discard on close," or "Keep (auto-save)." These options are covered in more detail in the auto-saving of data section of the manual

Manage Data

PingPlotter won't automatically delete any trace data if we stop tracing and close a target. The program will keep the data on file for a limited amount of time before it's deleted - so there's an opportunity to recover past trace sessions. The previous trace sessions can be found by clicking "View/Manage Sessions." From the session browser, there are options to reopen or delete a previous session, as well as the option to export a session (which will save off a .pp2 file).

Data Storage Folder

All of the data in PingPlotter is saved to a file titled "sessions.ppdata" in one of two locations. If we're running PingPlotter as a Windows service the file's default location is in the C:\ProgramData\PingPlotter 5\ folder. If we're running the program as an application, then the file's default location is in our user application data folder C:\Users\**username**\AppData\Roaming where **username** is the username of the currently logged in user. The option here can be used to change the location where the sessions.ppdata is stored (and a restart of the program and/or service is required after changing this setting).


**Some of the features listed in this topic are only available in PingPlotter Pro and/or PingPlotter Standard. See our product comparison page for more details**