Take control of your network performance.

Take control of
your network performance.

PingPlotter Free can help you confirm a network issue, but why stop there? PingPlotter has the tools to help you get the most from your connection.

  Visualize network performance

  Test in 10-minute intervals

  Share results with technicians

  Trial reverts to Free Edition

Don’t just test — do
something about it.

PingPlotter can help you see your network in a whole new way, but that’s just the start. We have a ton of free resources to help you understand your data and fix your problem for good.

"There is a tool called Pingplotter I used to help convince Cox. I just set it to constantly test at all hours of the day. It can monitor your packet loss and graph it out."

— TheLastMage, Mixer Partner

Get the right PingPlotter for the job.

Whether you’re an IT pro monitoring hundreds of customer endpoints or a streamer looking for the best times to go live, there’s a PingPlotter edition perfect for your need.

Professional Edition

Scalable network path monitoring for multiple endpoints.

Visualize network performance data across hundreds of devices with tools built for monitoring even the most complex infrastructures.

  • Visualize complex performance data
  • Deploy in minutes — no hardware needed
  • Test connections to unlimited endpoints
  • Manage via local or web interface
Professional Edition

Standard Edition

Single-device troubleshooting perfect for home networks.

  • Pinpoint the cause of network failure
  • Test up to two connections at once
Standard Edition
What makes PingPlotter different?

There’s more to PingPlotter than just testing latency and packet loss. See how PingPlotter brings out the best of both.

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Kickstart your troubleshooting

PingPlotter's newest edition automatically tests critical components and guides you through fixing the problem — no networking skills required.

PingPlotter Sidekick