Using PingPlotter


LiveShare links allow permitted users to share web links to live-updating PingPlotter results. Each LiveShare link can be individually managed, giving you full control over who may view specific traces or summaries.


PingPlotter Professional's LiveShare feature has been modified. Learn more.


Backing up PingPlotter Data

In some situations, you may wish to back up the entirety of your PingPlotter data. Follow these steps to safely back up or restore your data.

For Windows

Stop the Servce

First, you will need to stop the Windows Service if PingPlotter is currently running as a service. Right-click the Windows Taskbar and click Task Manager. Then, navigate to the Services tab and locate PingPlotter. Right-click PingPlotter and select Stop.


Removing a CloudConnect Controller, Agent, or Trace

Removing Controllers, Agents, or Traces from the CloudConnect Portal

To remove a Controller, Agent, or trace from CloudConnect, begin by navigating to the CloudConnect tab in the CloudConnect portal.

From the CloudConnect tab, click the + by any Controller, Agent, or trace and click the red Stop or DELETE buttons to permanently remove them from your account.