Network Supervision

PingPlotter visualizes network performance so you can spend less time diagnosing problems and more time thwarting their evil.

Show network bottlenecks

Compare latency and packet loss for every device between your computer and a target website.

PingPlotter's trace graph compares all hops in a route.

Capture intermittent issues

Track performance over time and explore the results.

PingPlotter time graph shows performance for a hop over time

Build a better case

Some people have to see it to believe it.

Text based network performance information

Graphical network performance information

Text based troubleshooting tools tell you high latency or packet loss occurred at some point during a test. PingPotter shows exactly when and where the network misbehaved.

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Need help solving a network problem?

Buffering stream

Lagging game

Interrupted chat

Internet is down

We're happy to help

Articles and product documentation are available to anyone interested in helping themselves. Our support team is also happy to help you with any questions that arrise.

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Your device's point of view

See the network from your device's unique perspective on a growing list of platforms.

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Problems with something specific?

If you're having problems with something like Skype, League of Legends, or Comcast, check our our directory for a list of service specific network troubleshooting resources like phone numbers, support forms, troubleshooting guides and more.


Discuss tools, troubleshooting strategies, and more on the Pingman Tools forum.

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Flexible licensing

PingPlotter comes in Free, Standard, and Professional editions. Monthly subscriptions and perpetual licenses are available for each edition, and volume discounts apply to multi-license purchases. All perpetual licenses include one year of maintenance. The service includes perks like upgrades, priority support, and access across all platforms.

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Latest Pingman news

New features and 64-bit support in PingPlotter 5.4

Version 5.4 is a pleasant serving of PingPlotter progression. Support for 64-bit architecture improves performance for Windows users. You'll also notice more detail about current focus time and a smoother import/export experience. Professional edition users get the added bonus of new summary screen controls and a setting that makes it easier to identify jitter above or below a certain level. There is, of course, more to discover in the latest release. Check the notes for macOS or Windows for all the details.

This upgrade is free for customers with active maintenance. If your license's maintenance is expired, all it takes is a quick trip to your account to get reactivated. When maintenance is up to date, you can get 5.4 from the download page, or by following the in-program prompt.

PingPlotter 5.3.1 Awaits!

The latest PingPlotter release includes two new features for identifying devices to test and improving long-term monitoring. It's available now on Windows and macOS platforms.

Network Discovery scans your local network and makes a list of the devices it finds. Dynamic DNS helps PingPlotter continue collecting data in situations where servers operate without a static IP address.

Customers with active maintenance get upgrades for free. You can update through the in-program message or the download page.

PingPlotter Beta for macOS and Windows

A new PingPlotter beta just became available, and we'd really appreciate your help testing.

This beta includes two new features. Network Discovery lets you see all of the devices connected to your local network, and Dynamic DNS helps you stay connected to targets during IP address changes from DNS servers (handy in long-term monitoring). Visit the beta page for download instructions and more details on how to participate.

Official PingPlotter macOS release

Beta testing is complete for PingPlotter's macOS version. Big thanks to everyone who participated! The product wouldn't be where it is without your testing and feedback.

Jitter graphs, UDP packets, remote agent, and web interface are new in this release. The latest version is available on the download page. If you've already installed the beta, you can also upgrade through the notification that appears when you run PingPlotter.

Free trials are available, and active maintenance customers get access to PingPlotter on any platform. That includes macOS, iOS, Windows, and whatever releases in the future.

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

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Product Comparison

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PingPlotter 5 Now Available

PingPlotter 5 Now Available

See what's new in PingPlotter's latest Windows release. More...

Common Network Problems

Common Network Problems

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