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See the network, pinpoint the problem

The PingPlotter product line makes network troubleshooting easier for everyone from online gamers and video streamers to VoIP Admins and other IT professionals.

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Network Problems are Solvable

If you experience buffering issues, lag, dropped connections, client complaints, or slow load times, PingPlotter can help identify the culprit and lead you to a solution

PingPlotter helps pinpoint network problems in an intuitive graphical way, and continues monitoring connections long-term to further identify issues. This powerful tool is easy enough for casual surfers, yet robust enough for the networking professional.

Monitor connections over time to discover the source of network issues.
  • Real time and historical graphs
  • Zoom in on problems
  • Customizable alerts
  • Multiple hops can be graphed at the same time
  • Creates images that can be sent via e-mail.
Gain instant vision into business-critical networks with data that pinpoints problems and leads to solutions in less time.
  • Long-term, multi-target monitoring
  • At-a-glance target summary
  • VoIP metrics
  • Lots more

PingPlotter News

Apr 22, 2015 - Need Help Opening a v4 pp2 File in v3?

In order to accommodate some new features (IPv6 compatibility, unicode support, etc), PingPlotter v4 creates .pp2 files that, by default, cannot be opened by any 3.x version of PingPlotter. If you're getting a "That file was created with a newer version of PingPlotter" message - don't worry, we've got a solution for you!

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Apr 14, 2015 - Better Troubleshooting with PingPlotter v4

Today is an exciting day at Pingman HQ! The release of PingPlotter v4 is finally upon us! Years of code writing, beta testing, and bug fixing have forged a dramatically enhanced version of PingPlotter. We are pleased to make this new version available to network troubleshooters across the globe.

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Mar 11, 2015 - MultiPing 3.1 Available Today

A new version of MultiPing is hot off the griddle and available for download.

You'll find a refreshed interface, unicode support, and HTML formatted alert emails in the new release. Other enhancements like industry standard subnet mask support, friendlier colors, and a few bug fixes are included as well.

This is a free upgrade for customers with active maintenance and a $19.99 upgrade for customers with expired maintenance. License owners can check maintenance status and download custom builds (embedded license key) in the account system. More information about the release is available on the announcement page.

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Important Stuff

PingPlotter v4 Released

Amplify troubleshooting productivity with the new PingPlotter

Getting Started Guide

Step by step instructions and an overview of PingPlotter's capabilities

Common Network Problems

Learn how to identify and approach frequently experienced networking issues

Step-By-Step Troubleshooting Guide

A walkthrough that covers how to collect the data you need, pinpoint your problem, and find a solution