Activate CloudConnect Beta

CloudConnect transforms PingPlotter into your networking command center. The service delivers network diagnostic information from remote devices to a central hub where you can monitor and troubleshoot as if the traces were happening from your computer.

Getting started

To enable the CloudConnect Beta in PingPlotter, you will need:

  • PingPlotter version 5.8.1 or later installed on this device.
  • Active maintenance, a perpetual license, or subscription for the PingPlotter copy installed on this device.

If you meet these requirements, click the Activate CloudConnect button to make the magic happen.

Click to Activate

Click this button to activate CloudConnect on your device. If you encounter issues, please check the Getting Started section to make sure you have what you need to participate.

Activate CloudConnect

Confirming activation

Clicking the activation button unlocks CloudConnect functionality for the PingPlotter copy installed on your device. If everything works as designed (this is a beta after all), you should see a confirmation message in PingPlotter when the process completes.

If you experience any issues, we'd love to help you through the process. Email the beta team and let them know what you're seeing to get started.

Successful activation

Deploying your first agent

Agents are what you'll deploy to other devices for remote data collection. To deploy an agent, select Create Invite from the CloudConnect section in PingPlotter's settings.

Agent invite button

Copy the deployment link

Selecting Create Invite will open a browser window with your agent download information. Copy the page URL and send it to the device you wish to use as an agent.

Good to know!

The deployment link can be reused to create agents on multiple devices. Each new agent will appear in the Agent dropdown.

Download and configure the agent

On the remote device, open your web browser of choice and enter the deployment link. Follow the directions on the deployment page by downloading and installing the CloudConnect agent. Once the agent is installed on the remote device, PingPlotter will prompt the remote user to name the agent.

Agent name text field

If everything goes according to plan, that agent will now appear in the Agent dropdown in the Target Bar for the CloudConnect controller.



The Agent dropdown with a newly-deployed agent

Congratulations and thank you!

Thanks a ton for helping us test PingPlotter CloudConnect. As you use CloudConnect, please be sure to share your thoughts with us. We're grateful for your feedback. It truly helps build a better product. Thanks again!