General Options

Put icon in tool tray?

Enabling this option will turn on a tray icon at all times.  When PingPlotter is minimized, it will only be visible in the tray.  When it’s not minimized, it will show on the taskbar and the tool tray.  Alert conditions can be surfaced through the tool tray as well, in which case the icon will change to red and a message might appear.

Show "Round Trip Time" row?

The "Round Trip" row of PingPlotter duplicates the information from the final hop and makes it evident that the host is reachable and what the round trip time and latency is.  Before adding this option, we got a lot of questions "What’s the round trip time?".

Prompt to save on exit if lots of new data exists

When PingPlotter is closed and has been collecting data, you might not want to just throw away all that data.  If this checkmark is on and there are at least 75 unsaved samples in memory, PingPlotter will ask if you want to save it when closing.

Minimize PingPlotter when Windows "close" command is used

If you normally run PingPlotter all the time, you might not want it to close if you accidentally hit the "close" button on the application (ie: the button).  Turning on this option will make PingPlotter minimize instead of close.  To close PingPotter, use the "File -> Exit" menu option, or if PingPlotter is minimized to the tray, use the right-click "Close" command.  Note that using the close command from the taskbar will *not* close PingPlotter, as that is equivalent to using the X button.