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Pinpoint evidence of problems with your network's performance and generate easy-to-understand reports to share with technicians who can help.


Get help with network problems.

PingPlotter tests your network for high latency and packet loss, then graphs the results so you can show qualified professionals exactly when and where problems are impacting your stream, game, or service.

Get evidence of problems.

PingPlotter helps you gather evidence of network problems so you can show qualified technicians and service providers exactly how to troubleshoot. PingPlotter combines important diagnostic data with easy-to-understand graphs to show exactly where issues occur.

Visualize network performance.

PingPlotter Free captures all types of data and makes sharing the results quick and easy. Timelines graph latency and packet loss history in 10 minute intervals. See exactly when connection problems happen. In PingPlotter Standard, timelines cover unlimited time and can be opened for any hop.

Share with people who can help.

PingPlotter makes getting results quick and easy. PingPlotter exports all types of logs, screenshots, and graphs you can send directly to your service provider or other qualified technicians. PingPlotter can also create unique webpages you can post on forums or support sites for faster turnaround.

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Inspect Problems

If you're focused on solving a specific problem on your network, PingPlotter Standard can help.

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Monitor Everything

When you need to manage more than one network, PingPlotter Professional gives you the tools to keep things running smooth.

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