PingPlotter Free

Pics or it Didn't Happen

PingPlotter Free is software that graphs network performance so you can find the source of problems and share the evidence with people who can help.

Automatically run in the background

Running as a service launches PingPlotter when your machine starts up. From there, the program starts tracing and continues even if you log out.

Specify the protocol you need

Ping any website with support for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

 PingPlotter for Windows

Version 5.9.1 released 2019-03-14

What's new?
  • Summary screen convenience
  • Jitter "target" line
  • Import/Export improvements
  • 64-bit system architecture

More history, longer graphs, and more!

PingPlotter Standard records all the history as you need, enables intermediate hop timelines, and adds alerts.

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